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Inclusive education for the children with special needs

Home School Support


An open and peer learning platform for home schoolers

Day Boarding


A caring environment for growing in awareness of self and others

Early Years Programme

Sensory play includes the education of the five main senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound, while also bringing a sense of balance & awareness of the body. Early learners at Prakriti are given ample time with sand, clay, mud, suji (semolina), water, natural colours, food items, objects in nature and beads which helps in cognitive development and gross motor skills.

Our children are supported & encouraged to grow their intrinsic love & deepen their connect with nature. We have a carefully designed curriculum to stimulate the joy of movement, observation and enquiry. On any given day, children are observing flowers, birds, leaves or insects. They question what intrigues them and express their learning through art and vocabulary.

Children learn to express themselves best in their native language. Other languages are best developed through interaction with other children. Learners in our pre primary groups are given abundant exposure to develop their speech through singing, poetry, chanting & storytelling to enable a command over language.

Primary School

Inner discipline or developing self-control through awareness and compassion for others is a very important part our curriculum. Learner have a circle-time every day to reflect on the day and share their feelings and spend a few minutes in silence. Reflection writing is a key practice of our currciulum. 

We teach language and math in the context of children’s familiar  environment with interdisciplinary learning methods. Each project and reflection involves creative expression and numbers. We assess critical thinking and creativity in language and math rather than testing memory-based concepts. 

Children spend at least two days in a week at a farm, growing fruits and vegetables and have a daily schedule of physical activity where each child participates to develop stamina and strength. We have a robust arts programme where every child learns visual art, theatre, vocal and instrumental music. 

Middle School Programme

Our curriculum for 6-10 has been inspired by IGCSE. We believe that the curriculum offers adequate flexibility to adapt the subject structure to a student’s interests. For grades 11-12, we will implement the IB Diploma Programme as we believe it best reflects the attributes of the 21st century learner. 

We teach languages with creative writing modules. Learners go through modules of Visual and Performing Arts, Theatre and Music. Sciences are taught with in-class maker tools and Social Sciences with conducting community interviews, observing artefacts, debating social issues and simulating era through exhibits.  

We enrich the core subjects with maker and design labs, outbound immersions and individualised learning pathways that scaffold the adolescent phase of learning. Middle school learners spend at least a day/week night in a month in school to get deeper into core learning domains with support of their peers

Bridge Programme

We work on both mainstreaming and inclusive strategies to address learners with special needs. Children with special needs are included in all celebrations including the sports day and theatre. Music and art programme is planned carefully keeping the therapeutic effects in mind.

While we run an extensive learning difficulties management programme, we also invest in making our mainstream student and parent community more inclusive and compassionate. We believe that acceptance and accommodation will be a key attribute for the adults of tomorrow. 

We have a skilled team of special educators, behavioural, occupational, voice and speech therapists. Special needs children are provided individualised support within and outside the classrooms alongwith coaching of the parents and guardians to scaffold their learning process. 


Home School Support

Flexible support plans:  Home School learners join our classes just as regular school students. They have an option to build their basket of subjects.

Assessments: Learners are assessed using formative and summative assessments as well as presentation of learning and ASSET Benchmarking. In Grade 10, IGCSE examination will be conducted.

Outdoor Learning: Home School learners are invited to be part of physical classroom experience anytime they can. They are free to join our outward bound immersions as well as school residencies.

Day Boarding

Our day care facilitators are warm and caring and ensure that the day boarders have a restful and fruitful learning time in company of their peers. Empathy is the number one skill set we look for while hiring our facilitators.

We have provided day boarding facility to our learners and for the benefit of the community around us. Day boarding for us is not just care but also active engagement with outdoor sports and indoor games as well as community events post school.

Our day care works round the year (without vacation) from morning till evening. One can choose flexibly between full day or half-day stays. Our transport operates for pick and drop facility for the day boarders.