Last month, the learners of Rainbow Group culminated their learning on mini art projects that developed organically. We began learning art under the theme: Patterns. The aim of engaging children in Mini project was to explore patterns around them through Block Printing, Optical Illusion art and Bandhani Art. We wanted children to research these things at their own pace. 

We first introduced Block Printing in the class. They were shown a variety of blocks and how blocks can also be created with everyday objects. Asynchronous learning was one of the objectives of our Mini Project. Google slides, video, pictures and relevant information were shared with Rainbow Group on Google Classroom. Everything related to Block Printing, Bandhani art and Optical Illusion art was shared via Google classroom. The children took up this project at their own pace of learning. After going through the shared materials by the facilitator, the children submitted their work to us. Our co-partners, the parents, played a vital role here. They were the ones who spent most of the time with the children at home. The children were facilitated by their parents at home. 

To conclude Mini projects, we set up a Presentation of Learning for our children wherein they had to present their work and any research findings in front of the group. Rainbow Group’s Presentation of Learning was a sight to behold. The children showed their work and explained everything beautifully. We are looking forward to doing more Mini projects in the future with our children. 


The mini project was all about patterns. Through this Mini Project , the children could dive deeper into this subject: Patterns. They not only explored patterns but also came up with novel ideas to create more patterns themselves; be it experimenting with different color patterns in Bandhani art or creating their own blocks for Block printing or perceiving and then creating the Optical art illusion. Their new ideas could be reflected in their work, for instance, Choosing sindoor or haldi for pink and yellow color respectively for Bandhani art. They could see and link patterns with everyday objects. Their imagination was revived as we only gave them an initiation point, rest of the thinking in the process came from their end.