Since the past few weeks, Green Group has been indulging in ‘Shared Reading Activity‘ with the story ‘I Like It When…’ during their English Sessions. Shared Reading Activity started with a ‘Demonstration‘ by the facilitator i.e; reading the story by pointing towards each word with a red pointer. Then, it was time for our young learners to ‘participate’ in the process of reading by making  flashcards of some Action Words like splash, peekaboo, hug, tickle and dance. In this picture, Green Group learners had to participate by lifting up their flashcards i.e; whenever they heard/saw their respective Action words, while the story ‘I Like It When…’ was being narrated to them. Later, our learners had some fun playing some games with the Action Words like ‘peekaboo’ where they hid behind their Web Camera and jumped back with an excited “BOO”. They hugged themselves, danced, twirled around on ‘Doo doo doo dooo’, smiled and giggled on imaginary tickles. Sounds fun, right!! Indeed, it was a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves while learning. As a part of Shared Reading Activity, our learners also read the text, by completing the sentences of the story, being read by the facilitator. After enjoying the story, where ‘Little Penguin’ shared how it likes to spend time with its family, our learners too shared their favourite moments spent with their families. Shared Reading activity culminated with ‘Free Art Expression’ by Green Group children where they were completely engrossed in doing their artwork with different art materials of their choice like pencil shavings, leaves, twigs that are found on the ground and so on. Green Group Learners had a lot of fun in the process of learning, together while playing games, listening to a story, expressing themselves through their art.

About the author:

Ms. Ria Jain and Vineet Swaroop are Green Group facilitators at Prakriti.