Prakriti was abuzz again today, this time for Teacher’s Day. Even though it was Saturday, our learners have invited their teachers to zoom rooms set up by them to recite their poems and perform their acts. Their expressions of adulation are heartwarming. Here are expressions from our young learners:

Green Group

Red Group

Rainbow Group


An ode to our learners from our teachers:

Living in the moment, is what I learn from you,

Every moment is to be  enjoyed, a new life,

Being a teacher is a serious business, I used to think,

Then I met you, and the seriousness dissolved in a blink!

In helping you grow and bring your destiny within your reach,

Am I not uncovering the treasures hidden within me, as I teach

I thought I discovered patience to be able to  manage you all,

And then realised that patience was my strength against my falls!

Your innocence, purity of thoughts tear through the dark like sun rays,

They keep the hope alive, make naught of the world’s mysterious ways

You make difference to the world, all I do is trust;

Trust the compassion in you to create a world humane and just

And I will always be there, in everything I do,

I hope that you are as proud of me, as I am of you

The learner is the guiding light of the teacher, the light of innocent soul reaches her.