Prakriti had invited Ms. Sandra Cauffman, who currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Earth Science Division in the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) at NASA Headquarters. She previously served as the Acting Division Director, where she provided executive leadership, strategic direction, and overall management for the entire agency’s Earth Science portfolio, from technology development, applied science, research, mission implementation and operation.

Ms. Cauffman shared her life experiences, her journey to NASA along with takeaways from NASA mission with our young learners of Grade 5, 6 and 7. The event was open to all including students of other schools. She enlightened our learners about Mars mission (MAVEN and PERSEVERANCE), Deep Space Missions and other NASA Missions along with NASA’s collaboration with ISRO for the NISAR Mission.

She introduced them to the fact that “being an astronaut isn’t the only career in Space Science”. They got to know about opportunities available in space related fields and pathways to follow to join the space organisations. 

This event was open to parents and adult learning community of Prakriti School to watch live on our FB page. The event was scheduled on September 11, 2020 at 4:30 PM IST