The Monsoon term saw the launch of Prakriti’s Home School Support Programme or “altPrakriti”.  Our way of learning that is individualised and relies heavily on learning with projects and inter-disciplinary expression aligns well with the work discipline of home school learners. Currently we have around five home schoolers enrolled in Grades 2-7. They add to the classrooms the diversity of their regional backgrounds, as most of them are non- NCR based. We have been receiving glowing feedback from the learners and their parents on effectiveness of their participation in our classes. One of those follows:

Dear Prakriti school,

I hope my mail finds you all in the best of health and spirit.

Six weeks have passed since Tej joined Alt school with Prakriti, and a day hasn’t gone by when he doesn’t eagerly await his LIVE learning sessions. I stress upon LIVE as the sessions truly bring learning to life. Whether it’s the weather that’s in discussion, or observing patterns in everything around, it has opened Tej to new and interesting ways of looking at life and at himself. The boy who was once intimidated and struggled to read past a page of a story book, today confidently reads 4-5 books a day, comprehends them, and has developed the ability to interpret the same. He keeps a daily journal recording his ‘inner weather’ which he proudly reads to us like a novella 🙂 All this in just 6 weeks!

Learning/ teaching online can be challenging, yet the group discussions have lent space for individual thinking and have been active and lively; delivered with such patience and respect; while maintaining discipline at the same time.

But most of all, Tej feels loved 🙂 A big shout of THANK YOU to Aditi and Mehak Didi’s for nurturing Tej and his peers with so much care, sensitivity and equanimity. The time Didi’s have spent beyond class hours to fix his matras and listen to his endless ramblings have not gone unnoticed, and is well appreciated. Tej feels at home with the two of you, and wonders when he might travel to meet you all in person 🙂 No doubt there is still a lot of ground to cover, but we are so thankful for a great start, and hope the program sustains even post lockdown.

If we were to judge how wealthy we are on the happiness scale, Tej would be a millionaire! Thank you all for keeping his spark alive.

Warm regards,

Meera George