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We create art because it’s a medium of language,a medium of expression,earliest known to mankind!Recall learning about the early caveman painting?

Art is deeper, art has many facets! Art is ceremonial and our history is full of evidences. Art is functional, every chair you sit on , every wall frame you look at serves a purpose.The heritage of traditional art forms are the narrative side of art, bringing in with them centuries old tales handed down not in words but as sculptures of Ajanta and Ellora and likes.

And lastly but most radically, art is persuasive.It has the ability to influence behaviors, alter attitudes and impact society at large. It is the mirror of the changing times of a generation with a language of it’s own.With the potential of such ardent impact ,art cannot be treated as an alien entity but as a vital , parallel system of communications. It should be pivoted to intersect with other disciplines flawlessly.

At Prakriti we intentionally interpolate varied disciplines with art to help our learners visualize their everyday lives through self expression  and reflection. After all, the human brain is wired to notice and respond to visual stimuli. Our iterative process in art enables learners to envision, create, present and respond to their understanding  of the world around them structurally and conceptually.

In the words of our Art Mentor, Meera George (https://www.meerageorge.com/), “Art is not an extra- curricular activity or a hobby class, often synonymous to a free period. Here, it is the means to bridge what learners absorb from the Sciences, Math, Environmental studies or History through a hands- on visual medium. When the concept of Time is explored in a science class, Salvador Dali’s melting clocks finds inspiration in the minds of our young learners, or when Shapes are discussed in Math, Henri Matisse’s whimsical paper collages lead the exploration in our Art class. Each of our thematic Art study is backed through a carefully planned process based learning to first Introduce, Explore, Develop and finally Present through self- reflection and peer critique. The result- an informed learner with honed skills and the ability to translate anything into Art. After all, Art is nothing but a reflection of the world we live in.”