Mridul Batra has been in the Education sector for the last 10 years, before a professional stint in the Banking sector. He was transforming the Primary years program and taught Economics at High School at Bharti Public School, Delhi. In addition to his responsibilities at Prakriti, Mridul is also overseeing a leadership development program for Principals of about 100 Delhi Govt. Schools in the East of Delhi for the past 2 years and now for South District in 2020. Mridul earned a B.A. in Economics (DU), an M.S. in Economics from the National University of Singapore, and an Ed.M. from Harvard. Other than learning in schools, Mridul is passionate about photography & design (he studied Photography Design at the National Institute of Design, (Ahmedabad)). He is an alumnus of Delhi’s Sardar Patel Vidyalaya.