“By our stumbling the world is perfected”
― Sri Aurobindo

Stumbling is essential, to look near, to look at the simple foundations we are racing upon and be conscious of our steps along the way. What we generally perceive stumbling as a roadblock is most often a detour to the infinite possibilities to rediscover ourselves.

When our learners embarked on an arduous journey to rural Orissa it was a path lesser known, rather travelled. What we experienced was the power of simplicity and sincerity exemplified in every moment we lived in Auro Vidya Mandir, Kechla. The space welcomed us with enormous freedom & love. Children at the ashram were brimming with confidence & compassion.
Their guidance, care & discussion was the most critical part of knowing more about the space.

We could have never imagined a trek at night after dinner and that too without any light, that trust emboldened in our immediate nature, our own selves & people surrounding us. The adventure of sailing into unknown depths just strengthens that trust. When we were a part of the classrooms , it was a liberating experience where one can choose their pace of learning and peers , facilitators collectively facilitate that learning journey. Finally the community cooking attempt was fulfilling & the real joy of creating & sharing food all together was a key takeaway from our short yet beautiful time at Kechla

What we observed and attempted to understand there is just the spark of thre-discovering our own selves and our surroundings.