This summer we conducted a Film-making workshop Filmoscope where 12 learners from Prakriti and outside participated with Boishali Sinha, Prakriti Film Studies Mentor.

The four basic steps of making a movie were introduced to the children one after the other: concept, scripting, shooting, and editing.

First, The children understood the purpose of film making with visual demonstration. Gradually they developed a concept in a proper screenplay format. What is their movie about? Is it a fictional story or a true one? Is it a comedy or a drama? Will you need actors? What story are you trying to tell? These questions and more were answered while developing the concept for the movie.

Then, they created a script with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Also, part of the scripting process is storyboarding. Storyboarding is where you lay out in a sequence of pictures what the audience will see and hear in the movie. Then, you shoot your movie. Following the storyboard, you get the shots you need.

So the understanding of shots and camera angle, the prominence of shots, equipment used and required in film making were introduced to the children then comes the editing. Editing is where they put all of the pieces together to produce the final product. Different softwares and their respective use cases were taught.

After all of the steps have been completed, their movie was ready to be shown to friends and family and even a public audience. As Spielberg said “EVERY TIME I GO TO A MOVIE, IT’S MAGIC, NO MATTER WHAT THE MOVIE’S ABOUT.”

So all their work was magic.