Joy of Giving

When are you going to wear that  white shirt again?

When was the last time you wore that black dress that was gifted to you? How long has it been since you last played with those toys? Think about it. 6 months? 8? Maybe a year

You love that shirt, it looks incredibly smart. You promised yourself you would wear it again. But did you? No? Then it’s time to give it up…

You were showered with so many compliments on wearing that black dress, it became your favourite. You decided to wear it another time. Could you?

No? Then it’s time for someone else to be showered with compliments…

Those toys have been lying there for the longest time. You were going to play with them every other day. Have you?

No? Then it’s time that someone else enjoys them…

We are often unable to use things despite the promises we make to ourselves. Attachment leads us to holding things to ourselves and not be separated from them even when in reality we are not really going to use them. Once we cultivate a mind of detachment, we are able to move towards compassion, an understanding of impermanence and seeing experiences as they are. Maybe that shirt would be worn every other day in another wardrobe. That black dress may become a favourite for someone else and those toys would probably be played with everyday in another home. It’s time to let go…


Here we bring to you an opportunity to kiss goodbye to the ever piling burden on your mind, and instead welcome you to the everlasting joy of giving.

Join us in our endeavor to spread the happiness and joy of giving and receiving.

We bring to you Prakriti’s very own “Dariya Dil Dukaan,” every Friday from 11.30am-12.30pm.

We welcome you all to visit our stall.

Please feel free to send things you would like to put up in the stall, with your child through the week. You are also welcome to bring things you would like to share at the stall. They shall be showcased every Friday.

So open your heart,

And be a part,

Take what you need,

And give what you want…


Glad Tidings

The first day at the Dariya Dil Dukaan was filled with wonder and excitement. Children were curious not only to choose their own toys but also to see what their friends had chosen. “दीदी मैं ये वाला लूँगा” one said, “दीदी मुझे ये अच्छा लग रहा है” said another. The little ones were quick to pick their toys while the elder ones carefully made their selection after looking through the entire range of items. Some wanted more than one, but they soon understood that the dukaan would be put up again for them next friday. The air was filled with joy as some children brought out things they had got from home to share at the dukaan.

“दीदी मैं ये लायी हूँ दूकान के लिए”  a little girl said as she happily put some toys on the table. The sweetest memory of the day was when a boy took out a pyjama from his bag and said, “दीदी मैं ये दे रहा हूँ दुकान में।”

We later found out that the pyjama was from his daycare set of clothes. The children enjoyed the dukaan and are waiting eagerly for friday to come….


Mar 13 2020


11:30 am - 12:30 pm