Every October and December, we celebrate the virtues of Truth, Courage and Generosity. Learners contribute their belongings for exchanging within the community and lead the drives for collection of clothes, books, toys and blankets for the needy within their communities. On Generosity celebration, celebrated around Christmas, the learners are free to interpret it in their context and develop their stories into plays or even political debates. For instance, while our Grade 6 acted on a play to display nature’s supremacy over other living beings in Sanskrit, our Grade 8 renegotiated the Treaty of Versailles so that the worst wars in modern history could be avoided.

On Truth & Courage, celebrated around Diwali, everyone in school enjoys the serving community lunch to one another. Festivity is expressed through art, singing and folk dances. Dariya Dil Dukaan is set up in the school for children to give away what they don’t need and take what they do, with expression of gratitude.