Monica Jairam, a doctoral candidate from University of Delhi; under the supervision of Dr. Geeta Chopra Associate Professor at Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi visited Prakriti for a month in order to fulfil her research on “Early childhood education practices in centres of Delhi and NCR: A case study approach”

The primary objectives of her study are to document best practices in ECE of ‘quality ‘ ECE centres in Delhi-NCR region on the given parameters:

  1. Physical infrastructure of Nursery School 
  2. Curriculum transaction and teaching-learning process
  3. Observe play opportunities provided to children of these classes
  4. Interact with some staff members
  5. Review the curriculum being followed 
  6. Review assessment methods and records 

In a month of her research she documented daily activities at Prakriti, which are given here:

Blue Group (Nursery) - Week 1

Date: 24/9/19

Time: 08:30-9:30

Teacher stood in front and asked class “blue group ready, ab hum bhaagenge”. Children ran in the space provided around the school. Children then entered the class and two groups were divided as team A and B. Team B remained in class while A went with laali didi. Kanika didi drew a line on floor with chalk. Teacher grouped children at one side. And asked children “aaj koi ek fish banega”. One girl stood and teacher drew fish around her legs. Then teacher said, now fish will tell us what we have to do. Teacher sang “what is the time little Miss Fish, what is the time little Miss Fish. 

Girl- one time jump. 

(children jumped once, then teacher picked up another child)

Teacher- what is time little miss fish, what is the time little miss fish. 

Girl- two times crawling 

(children started crawling and other child was called)

Teacher- what is the time little miss fish, what is the little miss fish. 

Girl- 11 time dance.

(children danced for 11 times and another child was called)

Teacher – what is the time Mr. fish, what is the time Mr. fish

Boy- start jump 

Children jumped and other child was called

Teacher- what is the time little Mr. fish, what is the time Mr. fish 

Boy- time to run. 

Children ran randomly here and there in class and then another child was called. 

Teacher- what is the time Mr. fish, what is the time Mr. fish 

Boy- it’s time to crawling

Children started crawling and other child was called

Teacher- what is the time Mr. fish 

Boy- it’s time to go back

Then children came towards the boy and went back to the same place. Now this boy was replaced by a girl with special needs. 

Teacher – what is the little miss fish, what is the time little miss fish. 

Girl with special needs- star fish. 

Children led on the floor with legs and hands wide open. Another girl was called. 

Teacher- what is the time little miss fish, what is time little miss fish. ‘

Girl- it’s time for the mountain. 

Children made a pose with hands and legs touched on floor bumps raised up. 

Teacher- what is time little miss fish. 

Girl- 4 time walk 

Teacher- what is time little miss fish 

Girl- 2 time running/3 time jump/5 crawls/mountain/crawling. 

{teacher had a sound making rattle during the activity} 

Main facilitator came and asked the children to drink water and form a circle. Facilitator said “mai 5 count karungi, sab circle mein aa jao”. Children stood in a circle, while special educator soothed the special child. 

Then children were made to sit in the circle. 

Laali didi- rolly polly karenge, change. Clapping, change flying, change, moving hands up and down, change, dropping movement (These activities were done while sitting and just moving hands). Ab aram se haath godi mein rakhenge aur laali didi ko dekhenge. Kya aap sab mujhe dekh pa rahe hain sun par rahe hain. Ab humari music class hogi upar. Sab aram se saare khade ho jayenge or line bana kar music class jayenge. Teacher lined up students and told them “sab aram se ayenge railing pakad kar”.  

Children went upstairs and stood outside the music class. Music teacher opened the door and sang a song while children entered “ao ao sangeet banaye, pyaar se, gusse se sangeet banaye, aram se zor se sangeet banaye. Children also repeated the song and kept on entering and sitting in circle. Once children got settled music teacher sang a song pointing to each child one by one “apka naam kya hai”, each child took their name in a singing way. After naming activity “ooo and om” were chanted together for 5 times. Saare ga ma pa was chanted by touching various body parts like feet, waist, shoulder and head. A song was sang ek, do teen, chaar aaj ravivar kal itavaar; 5,6,7,8 yaad karunga saara paadh uske agge 9 or 10 ho gayi ginti poori bas. Another song one potato, two potatao, three potato, four; 5 potato, 6 potato, 7 potato more. 8 potatao, 9 potato  a gaya number 10 hot potato hot potato here we go again. At last a song was sang “bye bye alvida”. Children hugged the teacher one by one. 

Time: 09:30-10:15     

Children were sent for breakfast after doing a prayer. By that time, laali didi took out blocks, fruits, animals and birds toys on the floor. Students kept on coming and started playing with the toys. Some were playing with blocks, some were looking in mirrors. One girl went out of class and observed a small insect on the floor very carefully. Few children drew things on the floor by chalk. 

Time: 10:15

After winding the toys, teacher told children “sab paani ki bottle le kar didi ke paas ao, sab araam se paani piyenge, baat karte huye paani nahi piyenge varna gale mai lag jaata hai. Khaana or paani bina baat kiye karna hai”. Teacher made a sign with hands in front of the children and asked “kaun didi ko dekh pa raha hai, ab attendance ka samay hai, jiska naam ayega vo muh ka zip kholenge “yes” ke liye”. Teacher took attendance. After attendance, everyone sat in a circle and laali didi told “humne breakfast kia hai, khela hai, ab hum toys se khelne vale hain. Teacher raised the hands and shook them saying “fool taali” children also started shaking their hands. Ab kuch bachche mere sath pond mai machali dekhne jayenge or kuch bachche paper cutting se machhali banayenge. Laali didi took some students in group to see fish. One boy said “machali paani mai mar jayengi”. Laali didi explained “kya machahli paani mai mar jaati hai? Children replied- “nahi didi”. Laali didi- “ab hum aram se machali dekhenge, kitni machi hain, kaun se rang ki hai, kya uske upar kuch spots hain, chaliye ab hum sab machlai ke liye ek gaana ga kar jaate hain “machali jal ki raani hai……”, kya koi bata sakta hai machali upar kyu nahi uth paati?. Children told a random story to the teacher. Then didi took children to class. 

Laali didi- sab bache laali didi ke paas ayenge or paani piyenge aram se. chalo Phool taali bajao. Children raised hands and shook them. Chalo ab sharing time hai. Didi along with children sat in a large circle. And started showing work done by children one by one. She showed a page with a hand drawing and asked children kiska sharing hai ye. Then that particular child raised his hand and came in front to explain what he had drawn. Then she showed another page in which the foot was drawn then again the child was called to describe what and how he had drawn it. Another picture was there in which a child had drawn a painting, so the child explained “ismai window hai, chimney hai usese dhua a raha hai. At last Phool taali was done to each child who brought sharings. 

Shanti time- chalo ab shanti time hai, a prayer on food was recited and the last reciting of “om” was done. Ab hum jaane se pehle se do kaam karenge. Didi showed a book to children and asked “kya hum is mai se koi story sunte hain?” Children- “haan”. Then laali didi recited a story of animals with voice modulation and sang a song along with children “jungle jungle roop suhana” with actions. One girl had brought a small bowl of white flowers as sharing so laali told everyone “aaj humari ek friend sharing flowers lai hai, to aap sabko flower smell karayegi. Girl took the bowl in her hands and went to each child to make them smell the flowers.  And at last children were sent for lunch. 


Date: 25/9/19 

Time: 08:30-09:30                   

A big circle was formed and a poem was recited. Teacher enacted certain steps like jumping, bending, front and back bending, jumping jacks. Teacher asked students to hold and take a round along with the poem “gol gol circle gol”. Teacher asked the student to sit and get up and then shake hands. “Ab sit ups karenge, dharti ko chuyenge” with counting till 10. Ab hum three step pichhe jayenge 1,2,3 and 10 tak jump karke clap karenge. Ab sab bacho kanika didi ko dekhenge ab hum Kanchan didi ke paas jayenge kamar par hath rakh kar. The same was done for 3 times. Ab hum lambe walk lenge or fir hathi ban kar vapas jayenge. Ab hum pakdam pakdai khelenge. Hume pani mai nahi jaan hai, laali didi ran and children tried to catch her. Groups were divided into two groups. One with one teacher and one with another. During the activity there were three teachers, one main teacher, 2 to support her. Teacher instructed jab apko koi touch karega to aap out ho jaoge. Children were given a water break, while the teacher took hula hoops and kept a number of hula hoops on ground. Thn teacher counted “3” and called students towards her and made them sit on the ground. Aaj hum naya game khelenge, jo humne hoops ke andar khade hona hai jab bhi didi kisi fruit ka name lengi or jab bhi didi kisi vegetable ka name lengi to apko bahar ana hai. Teacher asked kya sabke samne hula hoop rakha hai and the game started- apple, aaloo, phoolgobhi, jamun, bhindi, plums. Ab hum is hoop mai hop karke jump karte huye saare hula hoops cross karenge. While jumping one girl fell down so the teacher motivated her to jump but she didn’t jump further so the teacher took her away. Now the teacher said “bus nahi ai hai to ab sab bache kuch bhi khel sakte hain”. 


Time: 09:30-10:15 

Blue group has a child with disability who comes at 9.30. So when other children go for breakfast, one teacher takes his class. Kitchen set was led in front of him and the teacher asked him to make tea for her. Teacher put slime in a small mug and poured it in a bowl. And asked him to pour in a glass and give her juice. So, the teacher holds his chin and asks the boy to recite “mujhe bhi juice peena hai”. Chalo cutting karenge. Knife toys were given and slime was cut in front of the child, so the child imitated the teacher. Teacher says “aaj hum khana banayenge, and puts slime in a bowl and puts it on a toy gas. A typical child comes and joins both of them, so the teacher asks the boy to give it to a friend. The boy picked up slime and the teacher helped the boy to put it on another boy’s hand. Teacher called Kridiya (c.w.d), the child also imitated Kriday. The teacher said again “kriday” and the child said “ji”. Teacher said “yes”, another girl joined so the teacher said “new friend aa gaye”. Teacher asked the child didi ko knife dedo, the child took a knife and cut slime. Another boy came, and the teacher asked kridya to say hello and turned him back “the child said hello”. By the time other children joined the table and played with various toys led on the table. During this time one teacher sat aside and one teacher kept on sitting near the special child. While the coordinator took some toys from the cupboard and put them on the table. And took a regular register in which she wrote while observing children. One boy started crying when one boy took his toy. Teacher said, aap ja kar class ke kone mai shanty le sakte hain. After a while one teacher took the boy out of class and both came in class and started playing with other toys. The coordinator instructed the children “ab wind up ka samay hone wala hai”. Special educator again joined the c.w.d and asked to pick vegetables after she named them. While the children were playing one child gave a toy to the coordinator and said maine apke liye banaya hai, the coordinator imitated to eat it. The c.w.d tried to snatch corn toys from a girl when a special educator came and told  Kridya to say corn dedo please. The c.w.d said “corn dedo please” by the time the teacher started singing the song “time to wind up” and children started giving toys back to the teacher.             

Time: 10:15-10:30 

Teacher started singing “ao ao circle banaye”. Sab bachhe circle mein baith kar paani piyenge. Teacher pointed out to particular children to bring bottles and drink water. While c.w.d sat alone in a circle and a special teacher sat behind him. Teacher said didi 5 count kar rahi hai jaldi se bottle rakh kar ayenge. Teacher made a meditation pose and told sab aise bethenge or jiska turn ayega bas vo bolega. And the teacher took attendance. Teacher took Kriday’s name and the special educator asked him to say “yes”. Then coordinator said “aaj pata hai Kriday ne kya kia aaj Kridya ne saare vegetable toys ek dabbe mein rakhe bahut ache se or usmai ek alag toy a gaya to usne wo toy vegetable toys se nikal diya. 

Time: 10:30 

Teacher sat with a bowl in which there were potatoes, cucumber, and tomato. By the time Kriday came to the teacher with a special educator and told mujhe washroom jana hai, special educator said theek se bolo, he again said theek se bolo, he again said mujhe bathroom jana hai. Teacher said “aaj na hum kuch banane wale hain, ye kya hai teacher asked one by one showing each vegetable. She Showed cucumber and asked both English and Hindi names, onion and tomato, while one teacher took murmure in hand and showed it to each child by going to them one by one. Sabko kuch katne ko or cheelne ko diya jayega. Teacher peeled the cucumber and asked Chheelne ke baad andar kya nikla hai another teacher said peeled cucumber. The teacher cut the cucumber and showed it to children going on to their places. Teacher asked “kisi ko ismai beej dikhai de rahe hain?”. Ab char char bache hand wash karke ayenge. After the children came, the teacher asked kya kisi ne bhel puri khaya hai pehle. Then she showed a boiled potato. One male teacher came and sat in class and told coordinator didi hum sab bachhon ke muh mai daal sakte hain boiled potato. Ab batao kaisa hai meetha hai, kadwa hai, hard hai ya soft hai. Teacher put a small bite of potato in each child’s mouth one by one going at their places. Another teacher spread plates in front of children. Put potatoes in some plates while cucumber in some plates and ask children to cut cucumber or peel potatoes. Teacher- jab aap kaatenge to kheere ka ras bahar nikalega. Special child sat with c.w.d, the male teacher said Kriday go and get butter knife from didi. He got up and brought the knife from male educator. Special educator peeled the potato and gave a butter knife to Kriday and he cut the potato. The male educator said ye kya hai ek kheera, agar mai isse beech mai se kaat doon to ye kaisa ho jayega. Children- “adha”, teacher- yes. Same way as with tomato. He took lemon and cut it in 1/4th and asked ye aadha hai, children said “nahi ”, kyunki ye barabar nahi hai. Then the teacher took all the cut and peeled potatoes to mix and made bhelpuri. Ab sabke plate mai bhelpuri aane wala hai, sab taiyar hain. Sab khayenge or batayenge iska swad kaisa hai, swad ka matlab kya hota hai. Children said “taste”,  the teacher said haan. Aap sab kha ke batayenge ke iska swad kaisa hai theek hai. And bhel puri was distributed to each child on their plates.           

Date: 27/9/19 

Time: 08:15-08:30 

Children were asked to run around the school five times. 

Time: 08:30-09:30 (breakfast) 

(By the time children went for breakfast, teacher spread books on tables. So as and when children finished their breakfast they came in class and explored books. One student came and teacher asked student to display “padne ka samay” from a big book. The boy took the book and turned the book on the page stating “padne ka samay”. By seeing this teachers were surprised that child could actually open the book to that page. Children kept on joining as and when they finished their breakfast). 

Time: 09:30-10:15 

Coordinator came when 8-10 students came and told the children “chalo aaj kahani padhte hain”. There was a story chart stuck on a wall named “murgi maa”. Teacher asked one student to read the story, the student looked at the picture and recited a story while some students explored other books or materials stuck on the wall. The coordinator kept on calling students one by one and students recited a story randomly. By that time Kriday came to class with a special educator. The boy walked randomly in class while he came. The teacher said “good morning” to the two teachers in front of Kriday. The main teacher loudly said jisko kahani sunana hai wo idhar aaaiye. Students gathered around the teacher. The teacher pointed out that the written text in the picture recited a story on “murgi maa”. After reading the story teacher asked “murgi kahan hai, basta kahan hai” children pointed out in the pictures. Then the teacher sang wind up wind up let us put books away. Children took books and put the books on the shelves. 

Teacher – Let’s form a circle. Students formed a circle. Put your hands up, hands down. Story time is starting now. Story time ka 1st rule hai “lip cross muh band” 2nd “kamar sidhi” 3rd “dono kaan khule khule khule rakhne hain or 4th rule apas mai baat nahi karni. Kriday was made to sit in a circle and a special educator sat behind Kriday. Another teacher said to the main teacher “didi hum ring drop silence test karle”, Anaya bahut baat karti hai. 

Teacher – lekin Anaya to bahut strong hai. wo to hai lekin test kar lete hain. Teacher put a ring in a mug and asked class sabko awaz ai, children said “yes”. Then the main teacher took a book and read story to children, while teacher read story she made eye contact with children at times showed pictures to children and asked questions to children. The teacher recited a poem on ladoo as the story was also on ladoo. 

Teacher- kaun kaun socks pehene hain, jisne socks pehne hain wo utar kar rakh de or phir aakar game khelenge while tapping hands on floor. Children were taken to an open space in the middle of school. Teacher instructed jab ye rattle bajega apko jump karna hai, then walk karna hai or agar freeze bole to freeze hona hai, than left right walk karna, crawl karna hai, teacher sang a song “make a circle big and round”. Children made a circle and the teacher asked children to sit. Teacher recited a poem on “hath pakad kar” children recited and teacher instructed “ab hamara sand pit ka samay hai, hum kisi ke saath hi jayenge or washroom wali side se jana or sim sim ke ghar ki taraf nahi ana, hume bas sand pit mai hi rehna hai. Blue group sleeves upar kar lijiye. Ab crogs pehnege or line bana kar challenge. Teacher on making line “train chali bhai train chali blue group ki train chali ”. 

Time: 10:15-11:15 

Children were put in a sand pit. Teachers also went inside and teachers also went with children. Children played randomly and made various things. Teachers asked various students what they made, and what they would do with it. One of the teachers was observing children and in between asked “ye kya hai, kya karoge iska”. Teachers sat in the middle of children. One male teacher joined students and asked “kya hamare pass koi lakadi hai, ye dekho mujhe isme se kya mila ek aloo. Aloo le gaya bhalo, chalo ek gana bana le aloo par. Maine banaya ek topi vala aloo, ek gaana bana sakte hai ispar and children randomly recited various things on it. 

Teacher – blue group time up hone vala hai. Chalo wind up time. Teacher started singing song time to wind up. Jaldi se sab wind up karke sand pit ke kinare par baith jayenge. Tik tik 1,2,3,4 and 5. Kya saare ache se baithe hain. Jab saare friends khel rahe the na to ek frined ne bucket mai bahut saari mitti bhari or bol raha tha vo bahut heavy hai kya kisi ko pata hai heavy kya hota hai. Acha ab 2 bucket mai mitti dalte hai, ab aap sab isko utha kar dekhenge batayenge kaunsa bhari hai or kaunsa halka hai. Teacher called the children one by one and asked each child. The same was asked from c.w.d. jab hum kahani sun rahe the Jamal aur Madan ki to kya ho gaya tha. Children- ladoo bana raha tha aate se jo bahut patala ho gaya tha. Teacher mixed little sand in water, and in front of children held sand little above, Jamal aur Madan ka atta aise patala ho gaya tha or tap tap gir raha tha. Teacher took wet sand in one hand and dry sand in one hand. Brought it in front of each child and asked kaunsa geela hai kaunsa sookha hai. Teacher asked another teacher to prepare four tubs of sand and water. Four groups were formed and children played in it. After a while the teacher “tick tick 1,2,3and make a train to go back to class. 

Time: 11:15 

Children were made to lie on the floor and a background music was played. One c.w.d was also there all of sudden he started crying loudly, a special educator took him and soothed him by making him drink water. Then she gave him thread and beads to play with. He cried again and the teacher asked him to put his finger on his mouth and rub his hands, enacted to put his finger on his nose and head. Then counted 3 through actions. After 3 he again started playing   with beads. By the time the other teacher helped other students to be quiet by saying “om shanti om”. And took each child’s name and said “shanti a gai”. The teacher said “now all of us are going to talk in English today”. Main teacher came and told me now shanty time sits in a circle “shanti shanti aa jao hamare andar aa jao”.

Blue Group (Nursery) Play - Week 2

Date: 30/9/19

Time: 08:45-08:55 

Children were taken to Noida stadium by school bus. Children were made to sit in the school and within 10 minutes they reached the stadium. After reaching to stadium:-

Laali didi- “ab hum pakadam pakadai khelenge, kuch bachache laali didi ke saath khelenge or kuch bache kanika didi ke sath khelenge”. 

Children were divided into two groups randomly. 

Laali didi took children away and said “laali didi ka turn hai, tum bhagoge aur mein pakadungi”. 

The other group also played in the same way with Kanika didi. 

In the other group, there was a child with a disability who was also made to run by motivating and holding hands by one of the teachers. After playing for 10 minutes laali didi asked students to relax so that they could play another game. 

Time: 08:55-09.09 

Kanika didi brought hula hoops and gave it to laali didi. Laali didi spread the hula hoops and hurdles on the ground and told children “laali didi ne gam bana kar rakh dia hai aur ab didi karke dikhayengi, vaise hi apko karna hai”. Didi called children one by one to jump in hula hoops, cross the hurdles and run zig-zag from other hurdles. After playing for 15 minutes the teacher asked children to pick up all the material and sit in the bus. 

Time: 10:05-10:20 

While children went to have breakfast in the dining hall, kanika didi spread the fruit and vegetable toys on both the tables. Children came and played randomly with the toys. Children took toys in hands and took them to laali didi and said few words in her ears, laali didi added “ye buttatta (corn) hai, mere ghar par ugata hai”. While children played kanika didi observed children and asked each child what they were doing for eg, “ye apke hath mai kya hai, aap iska kya karoge”. One child said “ye capsicum hai, mai iska mixed salad banaunga”. Kanika didi “ok, mai apse recipe lungi, theek hai”. Children brought vegetables to laali didi and heard the stories of children related to that the vegetables. 

Date: 1/10/19               

Time: 08:30-08:40  

Children were collected in the outdoor boundary of school. They were asked to take five rounds around the school. They started from the main gate, took a round and stopped at the same point, laali didi asked “chalo rest karlo” children bend and moved their hands to and fro. After a while again running for the second round, this activity continued till five rounds. 

Time: 08:40-09.04

Children were taken to music class. Laali didi gave introduction of “sim sim” (a pet dog of school) to children by enacting. 

Laali didi- pata hai mai kal ghar ja rahi thi to rates mai, maine pata hai kya dekha. 

Children- kya dekha 

laali didi- maine sim sim dekha. Or pata hai kya sim sim ke do peer (legs) the, do ankhein thi, do haath the. Jab mai ghar gai or raat mai sone lagi to maine socha ke sim sim or mai to ek jaise hain. Kahin mai sim sim to nahi, uske bhi do hath, peer or ankhein thi meri bhi thi kahin mai sim sim to nahi. 

Children-  children started laughing and said “nahi aap sim sim nahi ho”. 

Laali didi- kaise mai sim sim kyu nahi hun. Mere bhi to do hath, peer or aankh hain mai kaise nahi hun sim sim. 

Children- kyunki sim sim ke mooch hai/kyunki uske pooch hai/fur hai/ uske kaan khade huye hain/aur wo bhonkata hai. 

Laali didi- Ooooo acha haan, aap sab to bilkul sahi ho. Thank you thank you, aap sab ne mjhe bataya ke mai sim sim nahi hun, varna mai to soch rahi thi mai hi sim sim hun. 

Then laali didi said acha to aap sab mujhe sim sim ki tarah chal ke dikha sakte ho jab tab gaana baje. 

Children – children started walking like a dog till the song played. 

Laali then asked children to walk on three legs/walk on hands/walk like a frog/normal walk. During this child with disability (visharda) started crying so her shadow teacher held her hands and made her do the activity, till when she could do it. When she stopped doing it, the shadow teacher made her sit where Visharda wanted to sit. 

Time: 09:50-10:05 

Children were sent to dining hall to have breakfast; by the time Laali didi spread toys of animals, puzzles and wooden blocks on both the tables. As and when children finish their breakfast they came and played with the toys spread on the tables. Lali didi divided children according with different toys. While children played laali didi asked children what they were playing and wrote them in a register. Visharda (child with disability) played with wooden blocks while shadow teacher (special educator) sat along with her. After 15 minutes laali didi sang a song “wind up karne mai maza hai, wind up karne mai maza hai”. And children on their own stopped playing and kept toys at the respective place.     

 Date: 3/10/19 

Time: 08:15-08:25 

Before all the children arrived at the school, the teacher spread toys all over the floor. After a while children start entering the class and play with the spread toys. When all children arrived teacher to children to the pavement area of the school. 

Time: 08:25-08:50 

Children stood on the pavement and sang a song “it’s time to exercise, it’s time to exercise”. Teachers started running around the school and children ran after teachers. Children with disabilities were part of the same group along with shadow teachers. In the middle of running, the teacher asked children to relax in the middle by bending and moving hands. Teacher asked students to take the second round again and then the 3rd round.     

Time: 09:40-10:00

As children left for the dining hall to have breakfast, teachers led blocks and books on the table and floor. As and when children came they played randomly with toys. While the children played, the teacher asked “ye kya banaya hai” and the child responded “juice banaya hai”. Two children came to Kanika didi and said “hello kanika didi” with hands on ear (enacting like phone) in response kanika didi put her hand on ear and said “Anaaya hello, kahan ho aap”. Ananya replied “didi, mai mall mein hoon”. Kanika didi “acha aap mall mai ho, mujhe laga aap blue group mai ho, aap mall mai kya kar rahe ho”. While everyone played Kridya (child with disability) entered the classroom with a shadow teacher. Shadow teacher gave blocks to Kridya, teacher made a tower of blocks in front of Kridya, Kridya also joined two blocks and said “ho gaya ”. Other children were asked to wind up and sent for painting activity. Kridya continued to play with the shadow teacher. Shadow teacher had a sling bag with her, from which she took slime and gave it to Kriday. After 1 minute she took away slime from him and drew a flower on the floor from chalk in front of Kridya. Then gave him chalk and asked to draw flowers on the floor, he drew a line. Once he drew a line, the shadow teacher gave him slime to play with for a few minutes (slime was used as reinforcement as a child had sensory issues, so he liked to touch and hold the slime in hands). 

Time: 10:35-10:55

After children completed painting activity, laali didi spread animal blocks on the floor. Children kept on coming in classroom and played with the blocks. One boy came and joined blocks together on the floor, laali didi asked “Amogh aap bahut sundar bana rahe ho”. Children played randomly while teacher prepared for other activity. Kriday sat with blocks and joined them, while the shadow teacher sat beside him. Kridya said “oooooo……” after joining blocks, the shadow teacher said “very good, apne kya banaya hai”. Ivaaan (another boy with a disability) lined up animals toys, the shadow teacher said “very good or laga do”. Than shadow teacher put blocks in line saying ‘1,2,3..” and told “evan aap bhi laga do”. Other children played with puzzles. Kriday joined the blocks laali didi came asked “kriday aapne kya banaya hai”. Then laali didi sang a song “wind up wind up,…”.        

Time: 10:55-11:00

Laali didi called students in the courtyard and told them that till when the drum will ring everyone has to run. Laali didi rang the drum very fast, so children started running fast. Then didi rang the drum very closely, so the children also walked closely. Laali didi asked children to not to go beyond where Kritika didi was standing. Then children were asked to crawl and hop and at last take a walk. One child with a disability was also doing the same activity while the shadow teacher always stood behind him. If the child could not do the activity the teacher used to sooth him by rubbing on his chest. Children were asked to go back to the classroom. Laali did ask children to drink water. While Evan (child with disability) was already sitting in class with the shadow teacher and was playing with shape blocks. Shadow teacher asked Evan to put the same shapes together in the form of a tower. Then she took him to washroom, while laali didi told other children “captain says, roll hands and children started rolling hands”

Laali didi- captain says shake hands; captain says bang the table; captain says touch the head. 

While laali didi instructed children, she also enacted along with children. 

Time: 11:20-11:25 

While everyone in class continued with painting activity. Shadow teacher asked Ivaan (child with a disability) to come to the corner of class and gave him beads and thread. She asked Evan to put beads in thread. Two other children joined Evan, so Ivaan started screaming and crying, the shadow teacher held his hands and counted “1,2,3” till 10. So by the time teacher counted 10 he slowly and gradually stopped crying. And again he was given beads and thread, the shadow teacher told him “ Ise khatam karke milk peene jayenge”. 

Date: 4/10/19 

Time: 08:30-08:55 

Children were asked to run twice in the pavement area of the school. While children ran, visharda (c.w.d) came with her father in the school. In the pavement area she was stopped by laali didi and was asked to say good morning to other teachers. She said good morning and moved to class to keep her bag. By the time children finished running and all children arrived to school, they were taken to the basement area. Basement had indoor play equipments like see saw, swing, slider and small trampoline. Children played on various equipments on their own. Kridya (c.w.d) started to climb up on climber, while shadow teacher stood behind him. Two children were playing on see-saw, the third child came and said “mujhe is par baithna hai”. Laali didi came and said to the child pointing to a swing “aap chalo us par chaloge”. There was a climbing wall Ransh climbed up the wall, so Laali didi came and told “wow !! dekho”. So few children came and started climbing the wall and after climbing one of the child “Anaaya” said “Kanika didi dekho”. There was a walking track two feet high, Akhyaan (c.w.d) started walking on it, shadow teacher hold his hands while he walked. There was a swing he sat on it and swinged while Garima didi (shadow teacher) stood beside him.

Time: 09:15-09:35 

While the children went for breakfast, Kanika didi spread blocks on the floor. So children as and when came back to class they played with the blocks. One boy joined the blocks and put it in his finger and made a sound of “tar tar tar” acting like a pistol. Anaaya (child/student) said to another child “ye kaisa ghar banaya hai”. Leh (boy/student) made a pistol from the block again and said “tar tar”. Laali didi bend at Leh’s height and told him “army man pata hai kaise karte hain ”. Other six children finished breakfast and played . laali didi came and said “wind up time wind up time”. Amogh said “nooii mujhe khelna hai”. So laali didi told him “acha theek hai khel lo jaldi se”. 

Time: 10:00-10:10 

After children finished the painting, they were given puzzles and books to play with. Children played randomly on their own. Younger children of class read stories to each other (self created), while Leh joined the puzzle on his own. Garima didi (shadow teacher) took a book and turned pages in front of Visharda (c.w.d). Mayesha, Anaaya and Zohran played a game and told to each other “hum apna ghar le kar train mai ja rahe hain” while keeping book on their head. 4th girl joined and asked “mai bhi khel sakti hun”, Anaaya “nahi, zoran humara leader hai”. Ransh ran on the same spot continuously and looked himself in mirror. 

Time: 10:20-10:25

Laali didi sang a song while children continued to play “aao aao circle banaye, aao aao circle banaye”. Children came and sat in a circle. Then laali didi said “captain says stand up, captain says rolly polly, captain says raise your hands, captain says keep your hands on your legs, captain says tap your feet, captains says clap, captain says click your tongue, captain says sit like rishi, captain says touch your nails, captain says touch your nose, captain says touch your thigh, captain says touch your shoulder, captain says touch your cheeks/thumb. Captain says show your thumb/three finger. Captain says put your hand on your lap.

Green Group (K.G.) - Week 3

Date: 9/10/19

Time: 9.30 – 10.30 

Children were sitting in a group and Vineet bhaiya wrote “aaj ki baat” on board. 

Vineet bhaiya – sab dost ache se kaam kare or achhe se gole mai bethe. Then he read it in front of class loudly. Then he called the children one by one to read loudly what has been written in “aaj ki baat”. Children used to get up and go to board to read each word of the line. Taksh (child with disability) was called and he was accompanied by a shadow teacher to read the sentence. 

vineet bhaiya – “aaj hum nashta amrood ke ped ke niche khayenge, sab bache crocks pehen kar jayenge or hath dhoyenge. Or fir breakfast karke tub mai bartan dhoyenge.” 

Then children went near the Guava tree after washing hands. Jayashree didi had arranged mats to sit for children. While the children ate, Taksh did not eat mousami so the shadow teacher requested jayshree didi if he can get one apple. Children ate on their own, once children finished eating, they took their plates along with Vineet bhaiya to wash their plates in the tub. Once plate washing was done, Vineet bhaiya asked children to pick up both the tubes together and throw water in the nearby plants. 

Time: 10.30-11.45

While children returned to the classroom, teachers had led newspapers on the floor. 

Jayashree didi- Teacher told children “humne leaf painting ki hai, paper painting kiya hai? 

Children – nahi. 

Jayashree didi – aaj hum kapde par painting karenge. Apko pata hai use kya bolte hain?

Children – kapada painting/paper pe kapada pe painting karna/chote chote kapade rakh kar painting karen. 

Jayashree dido  – acha. Isko bolte hain unity painting. 

Jayashree didi – Jaishri didi gave small cloth to children. Aapko jaise bhi painting karni hai apko kar sakte ho is kapde par, thumb se, brush se, palm se jaise bhi karna hai karo. Didi asked who all wants to do brush painting then told me I will give you a brush and watercolour. Accordingly children were given brushes and water colours. 

While children painted Vineet bhaiya prepared for other activities. He cleaned the board, and wrote “tamatar” on board with chalk in large letters. Then he wrote a few lines “tamatar gol, tamatar lal, kha kar ho gaye mote gaal. And drew a tomato under these lines. On the other hand, mamta didi asked children what they had made on cloth. There were two boards in class on the other board bhaiya wrote “ta” and “tub” in hindi in large letters. After that he came and wrote names of children on their cloth they had painted. As and when children finished they went to wash their hands, Jayashree didi stood and said “jo jo ka ho gaya hai vo brush ko is dubabbe mai rakhenge or gadde par beth kar wait karenge”. There was a corner in a class where there were cushions; children went there after finishing their work. While others read in the reading corner, two children went near the board and looked at a drawing of “tamatar” and talked “tamatar hai, haan ye tamatar hai”. 

Vineet bhaiya- jinka kaam ho gaya hai,  vo didi ki madat karenge wind up karne mai. He drew a big semi circle on the floor and asked children “come on friends, find your place. 

When children sat on the floor they chanted “OM”. 

Vineet bhaiya – accha aaj apne khana kha kar kis mai bartan dhoye the. 

Children – tub mai. 

Vineet Bhaiya – haan “ta’ se “tub mai”. Jab apne khana khaya to didi ne tamatar dala tha. 

Children – haan dala tha. 

Vineet bhaiya – haan “ta” se tamatar and read the sentence ‘tamatar gol tamatar … by putting a finger on each word and children repeated. Kya aap sab khayenge tamatar. Aap sabka gal bhi mote mote ho jayenge. And brought tamatar and cut in front of children and gave each child a piece of it to eat. Then he again read “tamatar gol” kya tamatar gol tha. 

Children – haan tha. 

Vineet bhaiya – kya tamatar lal tha. 

Children – haan tha 

Vineet bhaiya – When children ate tomato, he asked kaisa tha tamatar, kya vo metha tha, khatta tha, namkeen tha kaisa tha. 

Children – achha tha, khatta tha. 

Vineet bhaiya – acha kya hum or gana bana sakte hain? And asked children to say anything related to tamatar. Than children started saying line which Vineet bhaiya wrote on board like:-

  • “bade rasile tamatar”. 
  • “jisne khaya kachacha tamatar, uska peet ho gaya gol”. 
  • Tamatar peela tamatar lal

Then Vinit bhaiya picked tamatar and showed dekho tamatar thoda peela bhi hai. 

  • Tamatar kha kar dekha bada kachacha. 

Vineet bhaiya – kya hum isse kachacha ke alwa rasila kar de? He showed tamatar and pressed it to show juice of tomato. And asked dekho ye rasila hai to kachacha ke alawa rasila kar de.

Children – haan 

Vineet bhaiya – acha ab hum in sab line se gaana banate hain. He rearranged lines to make a song. And said “chalo hamara gaana teyar ho gaya”

Children – “wow”. 


“tamatar khao, tamatar khao, bade rasile tamatar laal. Tamatar peela tamatar laal, tamatar gol tamatar laal, khaakar ho gaye mote gaal. Jisne khaya kachacha tamatar uska pet ho gaya gol”. 

After the song, Vineet said “tub sun kar apne man mai kya ata hai” and asked each child by taking names. 

Children – bus/tamatar/gadi/nahana/paani/tummy/kapde/dhona/shatkon. 

Some children did not listen properly, so Vineet bhaiya said, ”jin bachhon ka man nahi wo corner pe ja ke shanti laye or wapas aa jaye. 

When each child’s turn was done, he said “ab batao “ta” ko sun kar aap sabke man mai kya ata hai”. 

Children – teacher/tub/tamatar/t shirt/tuk tuk/tar tar/tap tap/taang/tan tan. 

At the end they all repeated all the words together. Then Vineet bhaiya told “chalo ab ring a ring a roses khelte hain sab”. 

Time: 11.45-11.50

They prayed before going for lunch- “Stuti aradhana utar jati hai, ashish le kar niche ati hai, mata a jao, hum sabko string banao, hum mai shanty badhao, humko rasta dikhao. After the song Vineet bhaiya instructed children to wash hands, go to washroom or bina sabun se haath dhoye bina dining area mein nahi jayenge.     

Date: 10/10/19 

Time: 8.15-9.15 

Children were taken to the play area (amphitheatre). Children played on various equipment, while Vineet bhaiya held children (to help them cross the climber from one end to other) while children climbed the climber. Jaishri didi helped children to climb the wall. She called children “kis kiska wall climbing nahi hua hai aa jao”. She counted 1,2,3 and told “joote pehen kar room mai jana hai ab”. Children formed a line and walked towards the classroom. Children sat in class in semi circle and drank water. One boy was called by Vineet bhaiya in the dining room to lay the plates for breakfast. While Jayashree didi asked other children to call shanty bye closing eyes they all sang “vakra tunda mahan kavya, suryakoti…. Guru Brahma Maheshwara…”.   

Time: 9.30- 9.45 = breakfast time

Time: 9.45-10.10 (music class)

Children went upstairs to the music room, they lined up outside the room. Teacher opened the door by singing song, children also sang a song along with her “aao aao sangeet banaye, aao aao circle banaye, dheeme gati teevra gati, ao ao sangeet banaye, niche swar upar swar, dheere se zor awaaz se awaaz. After singing children sat in a circle. Then music teacher sang a song “apka naam kya hai” to each child and children told their names like “mera naam ….. hai”. Then they all sang sa re ga ma and a song sa se sang chalo sab hole, dha se dheeraj rakhe har dam, dha pa ma ga re. Than a song 1,2,34 aaj shaniwar kal intewaar; 5,6,7,8 yaad karnunga saara path, iske aage 9 0r 10 ho gai ginti puri bas. Then the music teacher took a tambourine (dhaapli) and asked children to clap as many times the tambourine will rang; if it rang fast then clap fast; if it rang slow then clap slow. Then the teacher rang a tambourine and asked children to guess the taal like “tak ke dhina, tak dhina”. At last teacher sang a song bye bye alvida, bye alvida fir milenge.     

(all songs were sung by both teacher and children together). 

Time: 10.25-10.40 (Harpreet didi takes class only in English) 

Harpreet didi was there in class. As children came she said “hello children. How are you all? Did you miss Prakriti on holidays?

Children- yes. 

Harpreet didi- We also missed you. Today we will have fun OK (Jayashree didi distributed small sheet with images to children by that time). There is space above can you all see, you have to write your name there (Jayashree didi gave one crayon to each child). Kiara (special child) was also sitting in the circle with the shadow teacher behind her. Children finished told to the didi “ho gaya”. Teachers showed thumbs to children who wrote their names. 

Harpreet didi- Now keep your crayons ready. Today I am going to tell you about a dog. I have a dog, his name is Sim sim, he has furs, he loves to make friends, he walks around the school and plays with me in the town. Now “ jo jo words is story mai aye the, vo words ki picture apki sheet mai hain, to aap un picture ko circle karoge”. After a while, those who have done can give sheet and crayon to didi. Children started giving sheets to didi, didi did not checked them but took them said thank you each child who came to give sheet to didi. Now we will play a game “What are you wearing today”;  if you are wearing blue than stand so children who wore blue stood; likewise who are wearing green blink your eyes, who are wearing yellow scratch your head, if you are wearing red than clap, pink than touch your ears, if you are wearing black than jump high and roll your hands. Kiara was asked to stand by shadow teacher as she wore blue. Now bye green group, see you next time bye. Another shadow teacher asked children to say thanks to Harpreet didi. 

Harpreet didi left and Jayashree didi came again. 

Jayashree didi – aaj kuch bache Pallavi didi ke sath jayenge or kuch bache mere saath rahenge, tab tak aap paani pee lo. 

Time: 10.45-11.10 

Two children were sent to Pallavi didi rest sat with Jayashree didi. Jayashree didi, asked children to sit in semi circle and made two circles in middle and put large sized dice in circle of orange  and white colour. Didi called one boy and asked to roll dice. Both dice came out one, so that boy counted 1,2 and teacher asked to jump twice. Likewise all children were called randomly. The other two children who finished craft work joined the circle and other two children were sent. 

Time: 11.10-11.25 

Jayashree didi- ab mai jitani baar dhapli bajaungi utani number aap dice mai nikaloge ek dice mai each child was called randomly. Than she asked to take out numbers using both the dices. 

Time: 11.30-11.40

Sharing time 

Time: 11.40 

Shanti time- “OM” chanting           

Date: 11/10/19

Time: 8.30 – 9.15 

Children were taken to Amphitheatre, Jayashree didi asked children to make a large circle. Jayashree didi asked them “kaun kaun se animals jungle mai rehte hain” (while she stood in the middle of circle). Jayashree didi took names of every child randomly to name animals which stay in jungle. When every child’s round was over, didi asked children by bending hands like rabbit “ek animal aisa bhi hai jo aise aise chalta hai”, children said “khargosh”. 

Jayashree didi- “kya humare Prakriti mai, khargosh hain” ?

Children – “haan hai”. 

Jayshree didi- “walk like khargosh”. 

Children started hoping like rabbit. 

Jayashree didi- “sit like khargosh”. 

Children sat like khargosh. 

Jayashree didi – “sleep like khargosh, now statue, hop like khargosh, stretch like khargosh”. 

After the play children were asked to take rest and didi went towards store room to take hula hoops. Teacher spread hula hoop on floor and asked 2-3 children in one hula hoop. She told children to run if she caught someone than child will be out of game. But if children are in hula hoop, they cannot be caught. 

Time: 9.20-9.40 

Children came in class, sat in circle and drank water. On one board a picture of rabbit was hanging, on which “khargosh” was written on the same picture in large letters. And on the other board “aaj ki baat” was written. 

Vineet bhaiya- “kahin apko khargosh dikh raha hai” (after children finished drinking water). 

Children- “haan board par, white wala”. 

Vineet bhaiya- kaun se akshar se shuru ho raha hai        

Children- “kh” se 

Vineet bhaiya – acha aaj ki baat batane ka turn kiska hai. Parheen ka hai, parheen aaj ki baat batao kya hai.  

Vinit bhaiya wrote it on board and asked kya aapko is sentence mai kahin “kh” nazar a raha hai? 

Children – haan 

After that children were called one by one to read that sentence by putting finger on each word. Two children picked up to lay plates in dinning hall. 

Vineet bhaiya- sab bache se ab dinning hall mai jayenge or ache se khana khayenge . Pehle plate ko dekhenge zaada lagega to pehle hi nikal denge or kam lagega to maang lenge. Chalo ab shanti ka samay hai (every one closed their eyes and chanted “OM” three times). 

Time: 10.00-10.30

After breakfast, Vineet bhaiya asked children to read books in class. But children started making noise, so Vineet bhaiya called children towards him and told “green group aap mai shanty aa hi nahi rahi hai, hum ek dusre se oochi oochi awaz mai baat kar rahe hain, humare new friends hain unko kuch acha nahi lag raha hai kyunki hum apas mai hi oochi oochi baatein kiye ja rahe hain. Now cross your legs and chant “OM” for four times, mai apne aap ko promise karta hun mai apne man ko, dimag ko, hath ko or peer ko shant rakhenge. Kya hum kaam karne ke liye taiyaar hain. 

Children- haan. 

Vineet and children – Good Morning Harpreet didi. (Harpreet didi entered the room) 

Harpreet didi- Today I have brought a story will you listen? 

Children- yes

Harpreet didi- OK. She showed a picture to children with two penguin, a big and a small. 

Children- I think this a papa penguin, I guess mother penguin, no it’s a Dada penguin. 

Harpreet didi – It can be papa, Dada or Mama penguin to children . she showed book and read the book to children. Each page had 3-4 lines with picture describing lines. (each lines of story started with I like it when…)

After story finished children started discussing things with teacher like if parents go to work, we have shifted to new house, what is the name of penguin. 

Teacher- there is a rule if you to say something than raise your hands. 

Children- Then children started raising hands and told thing whatever they wanted to say like penguin swim under water, water is very cold, penguin eat fish.    

Teacher- OK. Now time is over. We will start from here one by one, you have to tell one thing which you like to do and your sentence should start with I like it when…. And add what you like (because the story had I like it when… on each page). 

Children- I like it when I play/ride bike/eat something new/play with Lego and captain America/I travel/play with new toys/visit a toy shop/play in rain/climb rock/splash in puddle/do jungle gymnastic/do craft. 

Teacher- now, we will end this session with a song, so repeat after didi. I went with my father to play, I went with my mother to market, I went with my sister to swim, I went with my aunt to fair, I went with my cousin to party, I went with my my dog to the park. OK. Bye green group. 

Time: 10.30-10.50 

Vineet bhaiya- paani or susu karne ka break hai. Then he ran to the corner of the class and said it’s a story time. Aaj bahut badi story sunayenge. Chalo jab tak aur friends aa rahe hain, hum game khelte hain. Simon says touch your nose/shake hands/stomp your feet/hug yourself/touch your shoulder. To aaj ek story hair ricky ki, jo hai ek khargosh, unhe kya khana pasand hai. 

Children- gajar, to ricky ko gajar kahan pasand hai. To vo din bhar kach kach karke gajar khata rehta tha. Ricky ka ek kaan niche the or ek kaan upar tha. To uske dost ne pucha ke tumhara ek kaan upar or ek niche hai. To ricky ne socha chalo mai apne kaan niche karta hun, to vo ped par ulta latak gaya, lekin uska kaan fir bhi nahi sidha hua. To usne fir topi pehen li. To doston ne bola arre ye, chhup gaya hai, sidha thoda hua hai. To usne kya kia gajar apne kaan mai laga li, to bhi vo sidha nahi hua. To fir ricky ne kaan mai lakadi laga li, to bhi sidha nahi hua. Fir last mai usne apne kaan main balloon laga lia or uske saare dost use dekh dekh kar has has kar lot pot ho gaya. To vo fir dr. ke paas gaya, dr. ne use bola aap sun sakte ho, apne saare kaam kar sakte ho to apka kaan bilkul theek hai. Usne fir apne friends ko bataya to uske friends ne bola tum kahan ho itane udas rehte ho itane se khele bhi nahi. To usne bola kal subah aap sab pahad par pahunch jana hum sab milkar khelenge. To subah jab sab vahan pahunche to ricky ne apne sab dost k eek kaan mai gajar laga di or sabka ek kaan upar or ek kaan niche ho gaya. Or sab dost thahake maar maar ke hase. 

Than teacher asked questions like rabbit kahan rehta hai, use hindi mai kya bolte hain. To chalo ab hum ja kar dekhte hain ke kisi rabbit ka kaan upar ya niche hai. (children were divded into two groups, half went ro see rabbit and half remained in class for other actvitiy). 

Time: 10.50-11.35    

Vineet bhaiya drew a semi circle and asked children to find their places. Than he distributed worksheets to children. He read the worksheet and children repeated after him while putting fingers on each words. “ta” akshar ko gola kare. Each word were read by teacher and children together loudly. While everyone read special children sat with shadow teacher behind them to explain things to them. When children finished doing the worksheet by marking “ta”, he asked children to write their names on sheet, if they didn’t know how to write their names. Vineet bhaiya asked them to copy from a board on which every child’s name was stuck with large letters in hindi. Than children were given sketch books with colours to write “tub” in hindi. Than children who finished were taken to see rabbit and others came to do worksheet. (every worksheet was done from crayon colours only). 

Time: 11.35-11.45 

Vineet bhaiya- abhi aap kya dekhne gaye the 

Children- khargosh

Vineet bhaiya – kaunse rang ka tha 

Children -balck and white 

Jayashree didi- ab hum sab ankh band karke baithenge. 

Vineet bhaiya- hath khade karo aur batao kisne dekha khargosh, app khargosh Prakriti mai dekhte hain, to aaj aise kya dekha khargosh mai soch ke batao. 

Children – vo khade ho raha tha/ uske red eyes thi (special child)/ ek paata ko do khargosh kha rahe the/ ek rabbit ko kaan niche or ek upar tha.

Green Group (K.G.) Play - Week 4

Date: 14/10/19 

Time: 10:15-10:20 

While children were sent for breakfast Jayashree didi put blocks, puzzles and a cloth bag of toys on floor. Children kept on coming after doing breakfast. And they started playing with the toys. Children were given blocks (small+big) puzzles. Children played on their own while Vineet sat at the corner of class observing children. After that Jayashree didi came to wind up the toys. Other children winded up Arohi (c.w.d) walked randomly in class therefore shadow (special) teacher asked her to count 20 after that she gave her play dough to play for 2 minutes than took child to other children in group. 

Date: 15/10/19 

Time: 08:15-09:00 

Children were made to run around the centre. Than they were taken downstairs in amphitheatre. Helf children were lined up at climber and half were made to play randomly on the swings. Children who lined up at climber came one by one to cross climber from one end to other. Jayashree didi called other half children on mattress (4-5 sponge mattress piled up together). Jayashree didi asked children to raise hand on 1, bend down on 2 and roll at 3. She called children one by one to do this activity. While children climbed the climber, Vineet bhaiya instructed them to go up and than hold the bar, depending on children’s ability the climbers were made to cross from one end to other. Children who finished rolling were sent to climber. Children who finished both were asked to play on equipment’s. Jayashree didi stood near the climbing wall so children came randomly to climb wall, where Jayashree didi asked other students to climb the wall (Kiara & Arohi were made to do same activity with some more help). Than Vineet bhaiya said chaliye joote peheniye or line banaiye. Children made line and along with shadow teachers started moving towards the class. 

Date: 17/10/19 

Time: 8:15-9:15 

Children were taken to amphitheatre. They are asked to form a circle. Than Jayashree didi asked children to jump, sit ups, lay down and move legs, raise hands and stand on toes, come inwards to circle and outward to circle. Than she brought a box and take out a ball asked children “what is this” children said “ball”. Than she called other didi inside group ans showed agar mai didi ye ball deti hun to ye kya hai throw or agar vo ball pakadati hain to vo kya hai catch. To aaj hum catch and throw khelenge. Than children were given ball to play catch and throw. Pairs of 2 were fromed to play catch and throw half children were taken outside to play. Jayashree in between went each group to instruct them. Both didi asked Arohi (c.w.d) to see how to do catch and thrown and was asked to play like this with Zoya. Then didi asked children to keep their ball in box. Than children were asked to stand against the wall. She told mai jisko bhi ball dungi vo ayega with whom didi played catch and throw 2/3 time likewise all children were called one by one. Than she told ab mai ball uchalungi or app sab pakadenge or jo pakad lega vo hawa mai ball uchhalega. Than children were asked to line up and move to class.